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In brief, what benefits can All-on-4™ system offer?

The rewards of this innovative method are many and can be explored by a visit to our Studio during which, thanks to our modern Cone Beam CT Scan, we are able to perform immediate CT scans of the jaw during the course of first appointment, providing an extremely accurate and reliable diagnosis. As regards benefits, just to mention a few:

Stability even in case of minimum bone volume

By tilting the two rear implants at an angle, it is possible to use longer implants in minimum bone volume, thus increasing the implant-bone contact and reducing the need for vertical bone grafting. The tilted rear implants can be anchored to the front bone, reducing extensions (parts of the bridge and therefore not supported by the implants), improving the distribution of the mastication load and preserving the supporting bone and prosthetic structure

Predictable aesthetics

The methods used in prosthetic rehabilitation allow an accurate predictability in planning and perfect control of aesthetics, especially with the use of Digital Smile Design techniques (digital design of the smile) used in our surgery.

Positive clinical results

The Biomechanical measurements prove that when part of a prosthetic support, tilted implants do not have any negative effect on the load distribution, on the contrary, they actually enable a more effective polygon support. In clinical practice, tilted implants have been used with positive results for over ten years.

Planning with NobelGuide / Nobel Clinician software

Planning and placement of All-on-4™ can follow the Clinician / NobelGuide concept, ensuring an accurate diagnosis and an extremely accurate computer guided plan and implant placement. NobelClinician software enables us to perform detailed planning and placement as well as the identification of available bone, the virtual implant positioning, according to the anatomical condition and prosthetic requirements as well as ordering a customized surgical mask. Nobel Clinician / NobelGuide supports less invasive techniques without side-support as well as surgical access through full or mini side -supports, while the surgical mask offers precise, guided positioning of the implant.

Prosthetic flexibility

With All-on-4™ patients benefit from an immediate denture supported by implants, since the temporary prosthesis is screwed onto the implant straight after the operation.Permanent solutions for All-on-4™ include both, fixed bridges following the Nobel Procera technology for Implant Bridge in STANDARD Titanium ( in acrylic coating as well as dental elements (teeth) produced in technological, synthetic material.)

As well as NobelProcera technology for Implant Bridge in PREMIUM Titanium and customized crowns made from ceramic coated Zirconium, which are then cemented to the bridge structure. Contemporaneously, there are also solutions that use less sophisticated prostheses that allow a wider range of patients to regain a healthy, beautiful and functionally perfect mouth.

How do I know if the All-on-4™ system is suitable for my problem?