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Conscious sedation

Conscious sedation in Dentistry is a medically controlled condition that does not normally result in the loss of protective reflexes (ability to maintain patency of the respiratory tract, and the ability to respond to physical stimuli and verbal commands) with the aim of providing a condition of relaxation, amnesia and / or pain control during an operation.

In essence, it is an innovative anesthetic technique, able to keep the patient in a state of consciousness as the patient does not feel pain during surgery but is able to collaborate sufficiently so as to follow doctor’s orders.

When the session is over, the patient is able to leave the dental surgery on his own feet in perfectly normal physical and mental conditions.

When is it recommended?

It is recommended and used in normal surgery on “highly anxious” patients suffering from the usual “fear of the dentist.” It is very valid in cases of children who fear the dentist or small children who are not cooperative during treatment but especially in the case of complex operations such as in the case of large restorations.

Does your surgery offer conscious sedation?

Yes, this service is offered by our surgeries and is performed by the anesthetist, subject to a complete CTC test and ECG (the patient will be given a complete list of tests needed by out Studio), as well as a medical check-up, fill out and sign the ‘consent’ forms. The patient will be monitored and controlled from the beginning to end of the operation.