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Dental veneers

This is presently one of the most fascinating treatments, of a restorative and aesthetic impact, and one of the most innovative aesthetic treatments today.

They are thin ceramic sheets (or composite resin), created by the dental lab and adequately applied onto teeth which have previously been prepared by the dentist. Through this procedure we can recover the patient’s best aesthetics quite easily.

Veneers are not to be confused with Luminyers or other surrogates of pre-formed veneers (veneers), which is an industrial technique and is “glued” to the freshly prepared tooth of the patient, cost-effective solution but with obvious limitations, both aesthetically and for the health of tissues as it actually “thickens” natural teeth in an unnatural way and are incongruous with the risk of causing decay, gum sufferance and even damage to periodontal area.

When to resort to veneers?

When you want to have a perfect smile, eliminating any type of imperfection and also to correct some dental functions which are compromised by structural defects (dental malocclusion as created by a tooth which is not perfectly aligned, malformations of the enamel, pigmented or stained teeth etc.).

It is necessary that the preparation be carried out with the proper techniques and skills in order to guarantee precision and the correct aesthetic and mechanical characteristics, as well as laying the foundations for a perfect adhesion of the tooth-restoration system. All must be preceded by a careful morpho-functional analysis of the patient. The creation of veneers is also based on the result of imprints of the dental arches.

In brief, what are the main functions of Dental Veneers?

  • Rebuilding a chipped tooth
  • Make teeth naturally white and shiny
  • Enlarge / modify the surface of two adjacent separate teeth
  • Straighten one or more misaligned teeth
  • Lengthen worn down teeth due to age or bruxism
  • Completely restructure the aesthetics of the patient’s smile