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When is root draining necessary

endodonzia-StudioBenziDraining becomes necessary when the tooth nerve becomes inflamed or infected, and when there is a pathological alteration of irreversible pulp tissue causing its necrosis. The most common causes is deep decay, therapy or inadequate root canal therapy or tooth fracture. Even a trauma with great loss of dental substance can cause inflammation which often results in color variation of the tooth.
After a tooth is drained, (molars and premolars as a rule), it will be necessary to cap the tooth with a crown or an inlay covering (overlay), This is necessary because the tooth is no longer vital and consequently more exposed to risk of fractures compared to vital teeth, as the normal and sophisticated architecture designed by nature is subverted.

What happens if you do not cure an infection of the tooth pulp?

If inflammation or infection of the dental pulp is not cured, as well as feeling pain, we may be subject to the formation of an abscess. If not treated, this inflammation will lead to infiltration of inflammation to the surrounding tissue, causing swelling and swollen neck glands, then finally tooth loss. Other more serious consequences can be, among others, sinusitis, bacterial endocarditis (when bacteria caused by abscess reaches the heart through the blood vessels), the brain abscess (when bacteria reaches the brain), osteomyelitis namely the infection of the bone marrow. Since inflammation of the tooth pulp can also be asymptomatic, and granulomas (chronic infections of the tooth) usually are, it would be a good idea to have annual check-ups to avoid any complications, or even have an x-ray of the mouth once a year.

Does root canal draining always solve the problem of inflammation and / or infection?

We may come across clinical situations for which we cannot intervene on the tooth itself, through the root canal. In such case it is necessary to resort to surgery, as in the case of apicoectomy which involves the removal of the tooth root and surrounding infected area.

Who is our specialist in endodontics?

Dr. Tiziano Arrigoni is our specialist in endodontic surgery and is also an expert in Conservative Dentistry and Prosthetics. He regularly attends updating courses and uses the most advanced materials and techniques.

With his great experience, fine dexterity and infinite patience, given the very small space in which it operates (the inner part of the tooth), under high magnifying lenses and often under a microscope to surgically retrieve a tooth on which most dentists would give up.