Evaluation of Dental Color

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Studio BENZI Dental Clinic uses a particular and sophisticated tool: the Spectro Shade Micro™ MHT for the evaluation of color and characteristics of the teeth.

This instrument is a spectrophotometer specifically designed for use in Dentistry and is currently the most accurate and reliable, is in fact able to measure the reflected, luminous frequency of the tooth, dot by dot, thus recognizing the colors as they really are without being influenced by subjective perceptions or environmental, lighting conditions.

The spectrophotometer of MHT is the result of years of experience, research and development in the field of dental color scales. It is based on LED technology that can illuminate the work area with colored light of all wavelengths of visible and infrared light. The lens and high quality sensor allow us to capture images without distortion. The use then of linear polarizing filters allows the exclusion the reflections caused by the gloss in the color determination. The large display and the internal software of the device enables a first immediate estimate of the acquired color, comparing it with the most common color scales available on the market, a more comprehensive and sophisticated analysis on PC software will therefore be performed.

The tool reads all the colors present in the tooth and returns information for our ratings on:

  • A global color:                                                                                                                                    Complessivo
  • Area divided into macro–areas:                                                                                                        Tre-Parti
  • A complete dot to dot map of the inside color of the tooth:                                                  Mappa
  • A map of transparency / translucency and opacity:                                                                 Translucenza

All this is done by following values reported on the color chart that we use in our laboratory, indicating the closest available chromatic standard for the reconstruction.

It can also accurately calculate (even at light frequencies) any differences between the natural tooth and the selected color in terms of brightness, quaver and tint, providing the laboratory information for correction according to the Standard color chart for a perfect copy of the prosthetic restoration, but also Conservative Dentistry, being fillings, reconstruction or aesthetics.

The data can then be transferred from the instrument (on which a first analysis is already possible) to a computer on which it will be possible to make a more detailed study, as well as sending it off to the laboratory in real time. This tool allows us to communicate real time with the Dental Lab during production of veneers, crowns and bridges, etc., transferring very detailed and objective information, furthermore, the laboratory is therefore in a position to analyze the spectrophotometer readings directly, by using the same Software as the Studio.

Clinical studies: MHT has validated the effectiveness of SpectroShade both scientifically and clinically. To date, MHT is also conducting clinical tests with the University of Zurich.

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