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These are all part of the fixed prosthesis: crowns (artificial substitutes of one single tooth) and bridges (to replace more than one tooth in a row) cemented to the natural pillars of support (adjacent teeth or roots) or cemented or screwed onto artificial elements (dental implants) and in any case not removable, up to the most advanced solutions for atrophy, therefore where there are large gaps to be rehabilitated, hybrid dentures on implants, able to rehabilitate aesthetically and functionally both, pink, (gum tissue) and white aesthetics (teeth).

Which are the most advanced types of fixed prosthesis?

Today’s technology has allowed us to make enormous steps ahead with new tools and product categories in the dental world, to such an extent that dental practice today employs Computerized tools CAD / CAM (Computer Design / Processing managed on computer) allowing the first introduction in the field of Standard Industrial type prosthetics which guarantee uniformity, reliability and repeatability in the creation of crowns and bridges. Furthermore, in addition to being, those certified, biologically, the new materials used (sintered metallic dioxides) give even higher aesthetic results than those obtainable with traditional metal alloys.

In our Studio the use of Nobel Biocare PROCERA ™ offers warranty on the CAD / CAM structure for five years and even 10 in the case of implant prosthetics, the patient will also have the guarantee that the materials used can not in any way interfere negatively with his/her body or health.
It should bear in mind, though, that the use of Zircons of dubious origin in the Dental market represents a threat to the health of patients who could be contaminated through radioactive substances.
Today these innovative structures, made with materials that, being metals (metal oxides), they look and behave in a very similar way to bone and dental tissues and can use specifically designed ceramics offering exceptional aesthetic and functional results.

The prosthetic All-on-4™ implant is to be considered of the most advanced prosthetic solutions in cases of of the maxillary dental atrophy or tooth loss resulting from severe periodontal diseases, and is undoubtedly (link to that section), one of the systems for which our Studio boasts the title of Nobel Biocare. All-on-4™ Centre of Excellence .

Our Studio has been specializing in immediate implant loading, for over 15 years. From the single tooth to the entire jaw, including the management and solution of desperate cases.
Dr. Benzi, has in fact worked as implantologist since 1990 and has worked for years alongside Prof. P. Malo, creator of the All-on-4™ system. He collaborates in clinical tests for the development of these systems and is Tutor for the official Nobel Biocare All-on-4™ course. He has also worked as a Clinical Researcher with Nobel Biocare since 1998, a collaboration that has given birth to numerous publications.

What are the characteristics of All-on-4™?

All-on-4™ is a complex and complete prosthetic implant protocol of immediate load implantology for the immediate rehabilitation of completely toothless arches or with teeth needing extraction for severe bone-dental damage, therefore an immediate prosthetic implant of a temporary fixed bridge which will give aesthetic restoration, both of the teeth and peri-oral dental tissue as well as improving chewing ability. All this will take place in a single session, in only a few hours.

After performing a three-dimensional (CT) scan that will enable us to check the amount of bone available and make precise planning with the aid of the right software, four implant pins will be positioned, of which two rear ones at an angle of 30°-45° compared to the two front ones and onto which a temporary fixed prosthesis will be fixed. This technique also solves cases which were considered practically impossible recuperate with traditional implants no so long ago, thus, by using its zigomatic variants, there are hardly any cases today which are considered “impossible”.

Where can I find more information on fixed prosthesis?

On this Web site you find insights on the most advanced solutions:

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Prosthetic setting of a complex case, with exclusive recovery of the patient’s natural teeth.

Before calling our surgery, the patient had already undergone inappropriate dental treatment and had not been treated for a serious condition of Xerostomia. The result of such omission and mal-medication is evident in the first three images. Photographs instead, prove a fully aesthetic and functional recovery obtained after our intervention which gave this beautiful lady of 65 the joy and enthusiasm of a new smile.