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What problems can a gnathologist treat?

Clinical symptoms of TMJ disorders are generally characterized by:

  • Pain in the prearticular/ articular areas or masticatory muscles
  • Limitation or deviation of ‘the opening of the jaw ‘movement
  • Presence of noise in the TMJ (click or crackle)
  • Headache, neck pain, earache and tinnitus
From a rating point of view these disorders are divided into three main categories:

  • muscle pain with or without functional limitations
  • dislocation of the meniscus with loss of the normal condyle meniscus coordination
  • inflammatory conditions and / or degenerative TMJ

How do you diagnose disorders treated by the gnathologist?

The diagnosis is often complex. We use the most modern diagnostic tools for which CBCT image and functional MRI and dynamic electromyographic study of the muscle function.
The therapy, for the occlusal component of the DCM involves restoring a correct occlusion with good rear support to allow a correct, isometric positioning of the muscle tissue, the absence of interference in lateral movements and the restoration of correct front guides. The aid of a rigid bite for retraction is often advised to para-functional patients.

Who is the gnathologist at Studio Benzi?

Stefano_brocchieriDr Stefano Beonio Brocchieri, also specialized in Orthodontics is the gnathologist at our Studio. From simple fillings to the design of prosthesis, in our surgery all processing on teeth is performed according to this special branch which is based on the concept of individuality, following standards of precision and functionality.