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Immediate load implants

It includes

  • All-on-4™
  • Fixed teeth in 24 Hours

Immediate loading is synonymous of fixing teeth in the same sitting In which the implants are positioned, whether it is an implant that goes to replace a single tooth, or a system of implants that enables rehabilitation with teeth fixed onto both arches. 

This practice differs from an implant in delayed loading when, after inserting the implant, there is a waiting period from three to six months before the application of the actual prosthesis.

Does immediate loading have any side-effects?

Considering the fact that any operation carried out in a patients mouth must be assessed and decided by experienced professionals, we must add though that immediate load implantology with the insertion of implants and the application of a prosthesis during a single surgical operation, is a practice that offers incomparable results and in many cases better than the “Standard” original protocols of Prof. Branemark in the 80s. This is thanks to the use of Nobel Biocare titanium implants that are characterized by their osteo-integrative, high quality which now offer highly predictable and extremely reliable implant surgery.

Independent studies prove that implants inserted by the technique of immediate loading is osteo-integrative just like the traditional deferred loading, guaranteeing equal stability and success over the years.

What are the advantages of immediate implant loading?

  • Minimal invasive surgery and thus limited blood loss
  • Immediate Rehabilitation of mastication functions without strength limitations
  • Short operation, which takes place in one single sitting
  • Economical, because the entire operation performed in one sitting reduces costs dramatically.

Is All-on-4™ the most advanced system in immediate loading?

Yes, All-on-4™ is undoubtedly the most advanced solution in the context of immediate loading implants especially in cases of atrophy of the jaw and the need to rehabilitate entire dental arches, in this regard, our surgeries boast the title of Nobel Biocare All-on-4™ Centre of Excellence.

Our surgery has, in fact, been specializing in immediate loading for over 15 years, from a single tooth to the complete jaw, including other extreme cases. We therefore, receive patients from all over Italy and Europe too. Patients with cases elsewhere deemed “impossible” and for which our team found excellent solutions, operating as fine artists in the field of prosthetic implants -using all the latest strategies and synergies in surgery and prosthetics.

Dr Benzi is our implantologist. He has been operating since 1997 signing numerous publications on ‘immediate loading’ he is also co-author of an important journal on the topic of immediate loading of the first inferior molar.

Furthermore Dr Benzi has shared services with Prof. P. Malo, creator of All-on-4™ systrem, for years. They have been working together on clinical tests for the development of these systems and is Tutor for the official Nobel Biocare All-on-4™ course. He has also worked as a Clinical Researcher for NobelBiocare since 1997, a collaboration that has produced several publications. 

Are all dentists able to offer immediate load implants?

Many surgeries and specialists claim that they have proven track experience in immediate load implant and offer various types of implants which often seem to have very competitive prices. However, in these cases more often than not, high quality implants are seldom used and the operators are often unable to guarantee such advanced implantology methods such as ours, therefore can rarely offer life-long warranties.

To avoid falling into the trap of accepting what may ‘sound’ like quality but will probably put our health at serious risk, it may be interesting to read up the section on All-on-4™ system on this site.

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