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We find many "low cost" offers on the market. Are they trustworthy?

Attention, small differences in terminology can hide major health risks. Many dentists, in fact, propose what they call, “all on four” or use other similar terms, but few use the All-on-4™ brand which is a sign of guarantee and identifies the official method.

Our Studio instead, proposes a method that very few are able to master with expertise, ensuring the correct functional and aesthetic results.

In fact, All-on-4™ does not simply create 4 implants and bridge attached to them, as many surgeries do; but it means applying a systematic and scrupulously accurate method based on detailed clinical protocol, studied in great detail and scientifically validated through years of research by Prof. P. Malo and his staff, with complex biomechanical features. Only by following this protocol, as we do, can we provide patients with the most reliable and predictable in the rehabilitation of complete edentulous cases or exhausted dentures, both in simple cases or complex ones.

Many dentists today claim they perform All-on-4™, but in reality, their knowledge and skills are doubtful, they make bridges on 4 implants, but one should be aware that in most cases, while declaring to use Nobel Biocare implants, they are actually using “low cost” copies of these products, which, obviously do not possess the scientific specifications and all the certification and warranty that belong to Nobel Biocare products. Furthermore, original Nobel Speedy Groovy implants were specifically designed by Prof. Malo and manufactured by Nobel Biocare for the perfect creation of the All-on-4™ protocol.

It should be noted however, that in order to reduce costs, many dentists actually use Nobel Biocare implants but not the specific ones designed for the actual system with the appropriate component, therefore, even more uncertainty and confusion for patients. 

You may have been told by a dentist that all dental implants are made in titanium and that they are, therefore, all alike. It may be true that most dental implants are made in titanium, but the standard of manufacturing quality and therefore their final cost varies incredibly by those who are unaware of the facts. 

The Nobel Biocare implants used by us are specifically designed for this type of intervention, and exalt extremely high biomechanical characteristics, machining precision, and are finished with sophisticated and highly accurate surface and cleaning treatments and cleaning of implants from any possible contamination. 

For the above-mentioned reasons, implants are equipped with extremely high, biocompatible osteo-integrative qualities and are biomechanically ideal for immediate functionality, characteristics that help our surgical team considerably in order to guarantee our highly predictable and statistically highly reliable protocol All-on- 4™ even in extreme conditions. 

Furthermore, (and this does not only apply to All-on-4™ protocol), depending on the type of implant application required, Nobel Biocare has implants and prosthetic components which are specifically studied, associated to their use in the hands of highly skilled implantologists with a good chance of seeing the rehabilitation last life-long and the patient will be able to enjoy permanent, perfect functionality and aesthetics with the serenity and awareness of having had certified, high quality components implanted.

As mentioned earlier, Nobel Biocare has plants and components specifically conceived and designed for the All-on-4™ protocol, having supported Prof. Malo from the beginning of the development of such system, these implants and components represent the ideal tool designed specifically for this procedure, not forgetting that all Nobel Biocare products enjoy the enormous amount of scientific research and clinical studies on prosthetic implants for each component, for surfaces and surgical techniques, thus turning Implantology into a science, enabling Nobel Biocare to offer a life-long guarantee for its products, as from 1965 with the arrival of Professor I Branemark

What influence do the materials used in a system like this have?