Studio Benzi


What is a hygiene session?

Hygiene sessions are performed at our surgery by staff of great experience aided by the most advanced techniques and technologies, and this treatment includes:

  • Treatment with a diode laser so as to destroy under-gum tartar learn more
  • Bio-stimulation of soft tissue
  • Cosmetic whitening sessions learn more

The hygienist will also involve the patient with a personalized prevention program and therapy with a recall service that will remind the patient of the appointment for periodic sessions either my phone, e-mail or text message.

When should I make use of this service?

In addition to the normal Daily Care hygiene, we recommended use of this service at least once a year, unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor or hygienist, as for example, in the case of patients with periodontal diseases. These patients will have to check in every three/ four months and sometimes even monthly or in the case of small children (older chilfdren too) or any patients undergoing orthodontic treatment.

I have heard about the use of LASER in oral hygiene. What exactly is it?

LASER is an acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation” that is, a device that produces and amplifies light. LASER applied in dentistry is a new technology that treats oral diseases, providing comfort to the patient treated and great therapeutic efficacy thanks to the particular properties that Laser emission is capable of:

  • Sterilize tissue
  • Rapid healing
  • Ensure immediate hemostasis (bleed stop) in minor surgery
  • Remove tissue with heat without damaging adjacent tissue by the same heat
  • Avoid or drastically reduce the need for stitching

The diode laser is the type of laser that offers the widest range of applications in Dentistry.

What is Diode Laser oral hygiene?

One of the most innovative uses of the diode laser is surely Laser assisted oral hygiene Our staff participated in the forefront for the development of the clinical protocol of this method and has been among the first ever to make it a routine practice.

The introduction of diode laser in tartar removal has been taking place in our Studio since 2003, with the infinite satisfaction of our patients.

In fact, the use of this technology allows therapies which are surely less annoying and it also avoids removing layers of ‘healthy’ cement as unfortunately and inevitable happens with traditional, manual removal techniques (courettes, scalers).

The LASER, in fact, allows us to break down the layers of under-gum tartar without having to grind the root with sharp instruments to smoothen it. In addition to a great comfort for the patient during the session, this determines a net reduction of dentinal sensitivity during the days to follow. In the non-surgical treatment of periodontal pockets, where there is the presence and the need to remove granulation tissue (tissue created by the body in defense of an inflammatory condition), this is possible and feasible without any inconvenience to the patient, obtaining an immediate coagulation and decongestion of the tissue.