Oral hygiene by Diode LASER

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Does your Studio use diode LASER?

Yes, our staff has participated in the forefront for the development of the clinical protocol of this method and has been among the first ever to make it a routine practice. The introduction of diode laser in tartar removal has been taking place in our firm since 2003, to the greatest satisfaction of our team and of our patients.

In fact, the use of this technology enables far less annoying therapies for us and is guaranteed not to remove layers of healthy root enamel, as unfortunately is often inevitable with traditional manual removal techniques (courettes, scalers).

The LASER, in fact, also allows us to break down the scale of under-gum tartar, without then having to grind the root with sharp instruments to make it smooth. In addition to a great comfort for the patient during the session, this method of treatment offers a net reduction of dental sensitivity during the days to follow.

In non-surgical treatment of periodontal pockets where there is the presence and the need to remove granulation tissue (tissue created by the body in defense of an inflammatory state), this can be performed without discomfort for the patient, also obtaining immediate coagulation, decongestion or deflation of the tissue.


What are the advantages of diode LASER?

  • Increased treatment efficacy
  • Minor discomfort during treatment
  • Net sensitivity reduction in post treatment


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