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Rehabilitation of complex cases

Our team boasts extensive expertise in the field of rehabilitation of complex cases, especially for solutions on natural teeth, implants or even mixed cases. Advanced pyorrhea, large granulomae, maxillary cysts, extended tooth loss, severely damaged or badly treated teeth, extended bridges operating on decay that completely compromises its function.

When we add the above-mentioned reasons together, a patient can find himself with an extremely complex situation that would often be deemed as “hopeless case”. Not in our Surgeries. In fact, our team offers these patients complex and multidisciplinary dental treatment that will produce true and positive recovery, with normalization of function and aesthetics of the mouth.

Experience, expertise and professionalism as well as great manual skills,, diagnostic capacity and planning of the most appropriate treatments to carry out, will all guarantee the patient certainty of a perfect mouth as far as timing and methods is concerned.

Case report

A patient, turned to us after having consulted various professionals obtaining rather contrasting information. After an exploratory interview on her personal situation and expressing her wishes, an intraoral examination was carried out, we proceeded with a CT scan of both arches.

This allowed us to immediately formulate an accurate diagnosis and therefore to envisage the patient with the most appropriate solutions for her.

Due to the bad conditions of the case, together with the patient, the decision was made, to opt for pure implantology, which was specifically “All-on-4™” on the lower jaw and for a “V-2-V” the top one.

These radical, prosthetic surgical strategies, even in a case like this that had severe atrophy of the anatomical maxilla conditions associated with very compromising conditions, allowed us to offer the patient aesthetics and function to both arches in just 24 hours with an excellent perspective of functionality in the long term.

The patient underwent surgery in conscious sedation, so as to ensure both the best tolerance and comfort, in any event, it was a rather long procedure of prosthetic implantology. During the sitting imprints were taken and aesthetic imprints were made in order to restore the aesthetics of the mouth already during the temporary setting, not only to immediately restore the patients smile but also for the supporting-tissue behavior.

The following day the temporary, hybrid bridges were installed with the patient’s immediate newfound confidence and joy. After routine checks, at the end of the fifth month, we proceeded with the finalization by means of the most advanced aesthetic solutions available today.

Our patient has now recovered completely. She smiles and checks in willingly every six months for her routine check- up.