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Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening or bleaching is a professional method that whitens teeth without damaging the enamel, without causing any sensitivity and without any particular contra-indication.

In one single session it is possible to obtain an effective whitening of the tooth enamel and teeth will remain very naturally polished and clean, thus restoring light and brilliance to your smile.

Does Whitening ruin our teeth?

There is no contraindication or side-effect with this treatment if the specialist who executes it follows the protocol and procedures correctly (steps, time and cycles).

Our surgeries only employ professionals with proven experience, using the latest, the best and most innovative technology. In addition, we propose advanced whitening methods such as the use of halogen and laser light, ensuring maximum efficiency, quickly and without any side effects.

What is Whitening by Light Activation?

Light Activation whitening, (with halogen and LASER light) proposed by our firm offers, innovative parameters of effectiveness due to its specific formulation compared to other whitening systems, In one sitting you can obtain remarkable whitening of the enamel with lasting results, leaving a very natural and polished effect.

The dentist will respect the protocol procedures, achieving aesthetic results of the highest order with a high level of comfort for the patient and, above all, with a radical reduction in the risk of inducing problems of post-treatment sensitivity.

Is the Whitening effect permanent?

Whitening usually lasts long. However, it may be repeated without side effects, except for some cases of patients with diseases, after one or two years, especially when there are particular causes that produce the yellowing or staining of the teeth (as for smokers).