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How is an All-on-4™ operation carried out?

All-on-4™ is a complete ‘scientific’, surgical and prosthetic protocol. After carrying out a three–dimensional scan (CT), which will show the bone quantity available and by means of a guided software program, four implants will be positioned into the patients mouth, two are rear – with a 30°-40° angle compared to the two front implants. These implants can be inserted according to each specific case, following a ‘support’ technique ,or when possible, without ‘support’, in other words by means of CAS ( computer aided surgery).

A fixed, temporary prosthesis of ten elements is screwed onto this implant, all this is done in just a few hours, in a single session. Such temporary condition that is highly rehabilitative both functionally and aesthetically, will accompany the patient during the ‘healing’ months. At the end of such treatment, the temporary bridge will be replaced by a hybrid permanent twelve-element customized one, (medical titanium device in biocompatible material, and various types of veneers or covering).

This technique now solves cases which were considered impossible in the recent past, due to the fact that the particular inclinations of the back implants allow their insertion, regardless of the anatomical structures such as the alveolar nerve or the maxillary sinus, which limit the possibility of having a fixed prosthesis through traditional implant. Moreover, in cases of absolute unavailability of maxillary bone, it solves the problem by means of Zygomatic implant insertion.

 The All-on-4™ method is therefore applicable in its variants in almost all cases.

Our surgery therefore receives patients from all over Italy and elsewhere in Europe with cases previously deemed “unsolvable” for which our team finds excellent solutions, operating as artists in the field of prosthetic implantology and using all the latest strategies and synergies in surgery and prosthetics.

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