Studio Benzi



It includes

  • Endosseous implants
  • Prosthetic-implants
  • Immediate load implants
  • Fixed teethin 24h
  • All-on-4™

The immediate load is synonymous of teeth fixed in a single session in which the implants are positioned, whether it is an implant that goes to replace a single tooth, or a set of implants that will enable rehabilitation with teeth fixed onto both arches.

This practice differs from an implant in delayed loading when, after inserting the implant, there is a waiting period from three to six months before the application of the prosthesis.

How are implants made?

An implant is a titanium pin-shaped structure of similar shape to that of a dental root, which is inserted, by means of an operation under local anesthesia into the jaw or maxilla. The implant “incorporates” itself into the bone into which it is inserted ( osteo-integration) ensuring a stable support to what is “loaded” on it : whether it is a single tooth (crown), a bridge with multiple teeth or an entire arch, as in the case of the “All-on-4™”.

The aim is to restore the functionality and aesthetics of the tooth or missing teeth, fully and durably.

Implants are mostly made in titanium, a metal of great use in medicine and dentistry which integrates itself into the human body. The implant surfaces are subjected to continuous scientific evolution able to improve their osteo-integrative characteristics (ie. Incorporation of implant into the bone).

In order to be successful the presence of a certain quantity and bone volume is necessary. In fact, one of the factors that determine the success of an operation is bone integration. There are special procedures for bone regeneration, when bone levels are inadequate and which will allow a suitable implant insertion in such difficult cases.

What are the main benefits of implantology?

  • Achieving excellent and predictable results, in terms of function and aesthetics, replacing a previously negative situation.
  • Unlike a traditional prosthetic solution, implant therapy does not require preparation of the neighboring teeth and it does not change the structure of other teeth.
  • Preservation of the anatomy and gingival-bone aesthetics through a better management of aesthetic profile.

Which are the most advanced implants?

The most advanced solutions are undoubtedly the following and these are all our ‘jewels’.

Dr. Benzi has been operating as implantologist since 1997, he also has signed a number of publications on the topic of immediate loading and is co-author of an important publication on the topic of ” immediate loading of a single tooth of the lower first molar. He has been collaborating with Prof. P. Malo, creator of All-on-4™ system for many years, cooperating in clinical tests for the development of this system and is also Tutor for the official Nobel Biocare All-on-4™ course.

Studio Benzi has been specializing in immediate implant loading for over 15 years, from the single tooth to the entire jaw, including solutions for extreme cases. Therefore, in our surgeries we receive people from all over Italy and a Europe. Patients with cases elsewhere deemed “impossible” and for which our team has found excellent solutions, operating as artists in the field of prosthesis implantology and using all the latest strategies and synergies in surgery and prosthetics. Dr Benzi has been working as a Clinical Researcher with NobelBiocare since 1997, a collaboration that has given birth to numerous publications.

How do I choose the right implant for my particular case?

There are many types of implants found on the market at various prices. However high quality, long life implants with warranties are few to find as there are few surgeries possessing a level of expertise and experience that can ensure the standard of quality that this type of system requires.
To avoid falling into the trap of being attracted to offers that ‘sound’ good but may, instead, put our health at serious risk, it may be helpful to read up the section on All-on-4™ system.