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LASER therapy

LASER is an acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation” that is, a device that produces and amplifies light. The light wavelength produced by the laser determines the type of tissue that will absorb the energy emitted by light and then indicate the therapy. For example, if a LASER generates a wave of light within the visible area and near infrared, its energy will be absorbed by pigments such as melanin in the skin or from hemoglobin in the blood.

The most important aspects of laser therapy are related to LASER emission properties and is therefore able to:

  • Sterilize tissue
  • Obtain very rapid healing
  • Ensure immediate hemostasis (stop bleeding) in minor surgery
  • Remove tissue with heat without damaging the adjacent tissue at all
  • Avoid or drastically reduce the need for stitches

What is a Diode Laser?

The Diode laser is a type of laser that offers the widest range of applications in Dentistry. One of the most innovative in the use of the diode laser is surely Assisted Laser Oral Hygiene.

Our staff has participated in the forefront for the development of the clinical protocol of this method and has been among the first ever to make it a routine practice. The introduction of diode laser in tartar removal has been taking place in our firm since 2003, to the greatest satisfaction of our team and of our patients.

In fact, the use of this technology offers us far less annoying therapies and is guaranteed not to remove layers of healthy root enamel, as unfortunately is often inevitable with traditional manual removal techniques (courettes, scalers).

How can I learn more?

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