Studio Benzi


What influence do the materials used in a system like this have?

They have a great influence indeed, as in any other highly invasive medical procedure, the quality of products used is fundamental to the final result both, for the treatment and the patient’s health. In fact, it should not be forgotten that the implants and components used in an All-on-4™, for example are placed permanently into a body, therefore, our serenity and that of the patient lies in the certainty of their high quality, proven by scientific tests and the amount of treated cases in nearly 50 years of continuous clinical proof.

The scientific and technologic baggage of experience that has always distinguished Nobel Biocare, and many of the innovations that this company has developed and designed, have since become world standards in the dental industry. The extraordinary assurance system and service that Nobel Biocare applies to its products is by no means less noteworthy to patients too.

For these reasons and aware of the fact that such quality and service has its costs, our surgery uses these products on our patients. Our studio, as well as Nobel Biocare, in fact, has always been committed to providing innovative, safe and effective products which are supported by irrefutable scientific evidence, guaranteeing that all the products and therapeutic solutions proposed, adhere to the highest quality and scientific standards.

In brief, what benefits can All-on-4™ system offer?