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A prosthesis implant is an extremely recent branch of dentistry that deals with the complete rehabilitation of the maxilla area, by means of fixed prosthetic structures, almost always set in a single loading session and offers immediate function, avoiding long and complex, therapeutic process of preparation, without bone implant from self- extraction or other synthetic material available on the market.

To whom is it recommended?

To all those who have already lost all their teeth, (or about to lose them). These patients desperately need to recover their appearance and mastication functions by means of the most advanced technological, reliable therapeutic strategies.

What are the main benefits of prosthesis implants?

  • A reduced number of sessions
  • Reduced time and costs due to the reduced number of sessions
  • Least invasive surgery
  • Fast rehabilitation
  • Fast Recovery of mastication functions without limiting food intake

How do I learn more on prosthesis implant

It is possible to gain more knowledge related to this branch of dentistry performed at our surgery on the following web pages: